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James Nash

James played mandolin, acoustic guitar and electric guitar on 5 songs on “Forward”, adding beautiful textures and subtle hooks to the songs. In addition to his rhythm guitar performances, he added mandolin and some tasty electric guitar lead licks throughout each song he played on. James and I go way back to the 90’s where… Read more »

Jubu Smith

Jubu and Carl are long-time friends who have worked together across many high-level projects for the past 40+ years, both live and in the studio. Jubu played electric and acoustic guitar on four of the songs on “Forward”, including the beautiful acoustic guitar lead on “Get a Little”. Jubu’s tracks were the foundation for the… Read more »

Jude Gold

Jude brought a rock edge to the album “Forward”, playing electric rhythm guitar on “Whispers” and “Last Time” – and he also performed the two shredding lead guitar solos on “Last Time”. Jude and I go way back to my very first gig in San Francisco after relocating here from LA in 2002, playing at… Read more »

Eric Smith

Eric played bass on all of the songs on “Forward”, bringing his funky groove, creativity and positive spirit to all of his tracks. His nickname “Pik Funk” is well-earned for his super funky bass style. Eric is the consummate professional and he quickly played the perfect part on every song we threw his way in… Read more »

Vernon Black

I also met Vernon Black for the first time at a late-night writing session at Rick Barretta’s Flight Studios. As we got to know each other and got more comfortable writing together, Vernon would come to my house, and we would work on songs together in my garage studio, with my dog Enzo by our… Read more »

Carl Wheeler

I first met Carl Wheeler at a late-night writing session at Rick Barretta’s studio, Flight Studios. I played him something on the piano that I had been working on and sang him a melody. Within an hour we had most of “Get a Little” written. In our next session a few weeks later we wrote… Read more »

Jay Middleton

Jay Middleton is a seasoned vocalist and songwriter who has been forming and performing in top level rock bands for 37 years. From his early high school days playing the SoCal lifeguard parties with The Rubber Rugs to playing the campus parties at Stanford University with Riptide & Gotham City to his long original band… Read more »