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Get A Little

You can’t get a little – until you give a lot You ache just a little – for the things you aint got If we give just a little – we might get a lot And if we love just a little – we can heal the worlds heart If they gave you everything you… Read more »


Lie awake for hours – feeling not quite clear I said – I will move forward tonight Grab ahold of something – to get me through the night I said – I will move forward tonight Will I wake to find, that heaven holds the chaos of light? Will the ever-changing particles collide to move… Read more »


In my heart there’s a little room of stone Holds the anger & the rage, all the pride that leads to pain I keep it under lock & key, but it gets out much too easily It’s hard to hold it back, it likes to leap out & attack Confront for survival, I have to… Read more »

Hard 2 Luv U

I still come around here, I’m not sure why The things you put me through have led this grown man to a cry I’m always looking ‘round the corner, don’t want to step on any mines Trying not to set you off, say something that I can’t rewind You’d think by now I’d know you’ll… Read more »

I Like The Way

I like the way that you move me through the day I love your smile and everything you say You took my heart and you tucked it all away I love you baby now – more and more each day You took the call from me darling – and I’m never gonna leave you hangin’… Read more »

Last Time

The story begins at the journey’s end Another crossroads – a new path to decide Can’t seem to reach my story’s end I keep coming back ‘round to start over again But I swear… For the last time in my life – I’m starting over For the last time in this life – you’ll see… Read more »