In my heart there’s a little room of stone
Holds the anger & the rage, all the pride that leads to pain
I keep it under lock & key, but it gets out much too easily
It’s hard to hold it back, it likes to leap out & attack

Confront for survival, I have to have my say
Need a pathway to revival, need to find a better way

It’s in the words that she whispers
Sometimes I’m frightened by the way they make me feel
I let the fire breathe – gave no retreat – I’m too extreme
I had to win the battle each time

In the battle zone, I fought with all I got
I leaned in much too close, and I always came in hot
In my mind there were no limits, the fight, I felt I had to win
A victory at great cost, a lifetime love I almost lost

But you still stand beside me to remind me who I am
I feel the full power of your love, and now I understand

It’s in the words that she whispers
They echo through dark canyons across my mind
You tried to make me see – sense the urgency – stop the prophecy
Can’t sweep away the ashes this time

Oh, I never was clear how important you are to me – I never was clear

It’s in the words that she whispers
Hear her singing softly through the light in her eyes
It’s in the air we breathe, the shared dreams & philosophies
That bind us to each other through all time

It’s in the words that she whispers
And I see them now in all the warnings and the signs
When I let the fire burn – with no concern – there’s no return
Painful reminders past their time

It’s in the words that she whispers
If I listen closely their echoes sparkle through my art
You let the dreamer dream – the poet scheme
You lifted me above the fires that rage in my heart

© 2022 Jay Middleton Music

Music by Jay Middleton & Vernon Black / Lyrics by Jay Middleton

Jay Middleton:  vocals, whistle / Carl Wheeler: organ, piano / Jude Gold:  electric guitar / Vernon Black:  electric guitar / Jubu Smith:  acoustic guitar / James Nash:  mandolin / Eric Smith: bass / Dante Roberson:  drums / James Henry:  percussion